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  1. I bought Death Of A Paperboy in digital format (WAV and Flac) from your original Morel World site a long time ago and the track “Sweet Thing” on Disc-O has drop outs in the sound in a few places. I can’t find any place/one to email about this on this blog, Outsider Musics blog, or any of the other linked places. I love all your music a lot and mentally kick myself every time it gets to “Sweet Thing” because it has those drop outs and I haven’t done anything to remedy the situation! So here I am, publicly trying to resolve this problem. Please help or at least point me in the right direction, if you could. I would actually like to buy it on CD but couldn’t find that either?! Why does your awesome music have to be so hard for me to find! I ran across Lucky Strike a while back and obviously bought it on sight! Excited about the Deathfix stuff. Your voice, production, and lyrics have gotten me through many a dark day and brightened my happy days immensely. So thank you Mr. Morel. p.s. Come to Seattle so I can be “Under A Disco” with my eyes closed, dancing like no one is watching.

  2. Same problem here with “Sweet Thing” – sounds cuts out 5 or 6 times, first occurrence @ 2.44 – mines a 160kbps mp3 copy sourced from iTunes (though not certain)!

  3. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the stoning of Steven I have been looking for months for a copy its nowhere to be found in the US I guess.

  4. The song is on the album Peterbilt Angel, as I write, there is a copy (used) for sale on Discogs.

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