2020 Club Emotion (Radical Elite)

2018: “Millennial Heart” (featuring Martina Topley-Bird) [KID Recordings]

2013 “Deathfix”  [Dischord Records]

2012 “Heaven and Martinis” EP [outsidermusic]
2010 Shoegazer Disco EP [outsidermusic]
2008 The Death Of The Paper Boy ” CD [Outsider Music]
2008 Flawed” EP [Outsider Music]
2006 Blowoff CD (With Bob Mould) Full Frequency Music
2005 “If You Love Me” 12″ single[Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2004 “Lucky Strike” cd [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2004 “Stoning Of Steven” Remix single [Outsider Music]
2003“Cabaret [The Remixes]” 12” single [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2002 “Funny Car [The Remixes]” 12” single [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2002 Queen of the Highway CD [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2001 “Funny Car” B/W “Dreaming of LA” 12” single [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2001 “Funny Car” on Yoshiesque Part 2 [React Records / Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2000 “True” 2X12” / cd single [Hooj Choons]
1999 “True” 2X12 single [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
1998 “Wake-Up” on Yoshitoshi Artists One Nation Under House Session 2
[Yoshitoshi / Twisted / MCA Records]
1998 “True” on Yoshitoshi Artists One Nation Under House Session 1
[Yoshitoshi / Twisted / MCA Records]
1997 Morel Four-Track CD [Outsider Music]
1995 Morel Peterbuilt Angel CD [Outsider Music]

Morel Collaborations and Productions :

2020 US GIRLS “Heavy Light” 4AD
US GIRLS “Rosebud” , “Poem” 4AD
2013 “Kinky Boots” Broadway Musical song writer w/ Cyndi Lauper “The Sex Is In The Heel”, “Opening The Most Beautiful Thing In the World” (Tony Award Winning Best Musical 2013)
2012 Madeline Zero “Love The Love” Outsider Music
2009 Cyndi Lauper “Bring Ya To The Brink” (Grammy Nominated) Sony Music -Co- Producer and writer.
2009 Sharam Featruing Morel ‘I Love The Way You’re Breaking My Heart” Ultra Records
2005 Deep Dish Featuring Morel “George Is On” CD Thrive Records :Three songs co-written and performed by Richard Morel
“Everybody’s Wearing My Head”, “No Stopping For Nicotine”, “Sacramento”
2001 16B featuring Morel “Escape (Driving To Heaven)” [Hooj Choons]
1998 Deep Dish Junk Science CD. Arista Records. Three songs co-written and sung by
Richard Morel: “Stranded”  “ Mohammed is Jesus” “ My Only Sin”
1997 “Stranded” Performed and written with Deep Dish. Single released on
Deconstruction Records.
Morel Remixes:

2015  Madonna  “Ghost Town”
2015 Carmen Electra  “Around The World”                                                                       2015 Azelia Banks  “Chasing Time”
2014 Donna Summer  “Love To Love You” verve  Recordings Ltd               2013 Yoko Ono “Walking On Thin Ice” Mind Train Records  (#1 Billboard Club Play)
2013 Pet Shop Boys “Vocal” x2 Recordings Ltd  (#1 Billboard Club Play)
2013 Alpine “Gasoline”  Votiv/Atlantic Records
2013 Yoko Ono “Hold Me” Mind Train Records (#1 Billboard Club Play)
2012 Blaqk Audio “The Witness” Interscope
2012 Kerli “The Lucky Ones” RCA
2012 Taryn Manning “Send Me Your Love” Little Vanilla Records
2012 Mika  “Make You Happy” Universal
2012 Scissor Sisters  “Horses” Downtown
2012 Madonna “Masterpiece” Miramax Pictures
2012 Lenny Kravitz “In The Black” Interscope
2012 Jon B “Comfortable Swagg” Vibezelect
2012 Yoko Ono “She Gets Down On Her Knees” Mind Train Records
2012 Cirkus (Featuring Neneh Cherry) “Unattended Bag”
2011 Betty Black “Spring Blossoms” KID Recordings
2011 Automagic “Iris” KID Recordings
2011 Frankmusik “No I.D.” Interscope Records
2011 Yoko Ono “Talking to The Universe” Mind Train Records
2011 Jessie Gold ‘What The Beat Brings”
2011 Taryn Manning “Turn t Up” Little Vanilla Records
2011 Martin Clancy “You Can’t Stop the Rain”
2011 Yoko Ono “Move On” Mind Train Records (#1 Billboard club Play)
2011 Vanessa Daou “Heart Of Wax” KID Recordings
2010 Yoko Ono “Give Me Something” Mind Train Records (#1 Billboard Club Play )
2010 Alan Cumming “Next To Me ” Yellow Sound Label
2010 Dave Aude “Common Ground” Audacious Records
2009 Lily Allen “Fuck You” Capitol records ( #1 Billboard Club Play)
2009 La Roux “Bullet Proof” Interscope
2009 Bob Mould “City Lights ” Anti Records
2009 Lionel Richie “Just Go” Island Def Jam
2009 Labelle “Super Lover” Verve Records
2009 Morel “ShoeGazer Disco” Mix Outsidermusic
2008 The Killers “Human” Island Def Jam (#1 BillBoard Club Play )
2008 Kreesha Turner “Don’t Call Me Baby” Capitol Records (#1 Billboard Club Play)
2008 Cyndi Lauper “Same Ol Story” Sony Music – Epic Records
2008 Yoko Ono “Give Peace A Chance ” Mind Train Records Records
2008 Colton Ford “That’s me” Outsider Music”
2007 Cyndi Lauper “True Colors” Tommy Boy Records
2007 Emplulse “American Idle” Rambunctious
2007 Young Love “Find a New Way” Island Records
2007 Yoko Ono “You’re the One” Astrelwerks Records (top 5 Billboard Club Play)
2007 I Like It Electric “Pursue” Peace Biscuit Records
2007 Soft Complex “Wounded Valintine”[KID Records]
2006 Korn “Politics”[Virgin Records]
2006 Nelly Furtado “Promiscuous”[Universal Records] (#1 Billboard’s Club Play Chart)
2006 t.A.t.u. “Friend or Foe” [Universal Records]
2006 Stellastarr “Sweet Troubled Soul “[ RCA Records]
2006 Coldfeet “Boom, Clang” [japanese release]
2005 The Killers “All these things That I’ve Done” [Island Def Jam]
2005 Juliet “Ride the Pain” [Virgin Records]
2005 Vivian Green “Tired” [Columbia Records](#1 Billboard’s Club Play Chart)
2005 Leela James “Music” [Warner Brothers Records]
2005 Fischerspooner “Kick in The Teeth” [Capitol Records]
2005 Estereo “Fast Lane” [Warner Brothers Records]
2005 New Order “Krafty” [Warner Brothers Records] (#2 Billboard’s Club play Chart)
2005 Le Tigre “After Dark” [Universal Music]
2005 Seal “Killer”[Warner Brothers Records] (#1 Billboard’s Club Play Chart)
2004 Luke Wan “The Wish” [Yoshitoshi records]
2003 Pretenders “Time ” [Artimus Records]
2003 Yoko Ono “Give Me Something”[ Mind Train Records]
2003 Mariah Cary ” “The One” ” [Island Def Jam Records]
2003 T.A.T.U ” Not Gonna Get Us” [Interscope Records] (#1 Billboard’s Club Play Chart)
2003 Clare Quilty “ Tremble” [DCide Records]
2002 Daniel Ash “Burning Man” [Psychobaby Records]
2002 Filter “Where Do We Go From Here” [Reprise Records]
2002 Jade Anderson “Sugarhigh” [Columbia]
2002 Lydia Rhodes “Dreams” [Bristol Music / Strictly Rhythm]
2002 Bernard Leon Howard III feat. 80 “Marscarter” [Shinichi / Yoshitoshi
2001 Lo-Fidelity All-Stars “Sleeping Faster” [Skint / Columbia Records]
2001 Ananda Project feat. Heather Johnson “Breaking Down” [Nite Grooves /
King Street]
2001 The Collaboration (Peter Rauhofer + Pet Shop Boys) “Break 4 Love” [Star  69 Records / London – Sire] (#1 Billboard’s Club Play Chart)
2001 Depeche Mode “Dream On” [Reprise Records] (#1 Billboard’s Club Play Chart)
2001 New Order “True Faith” [Reprise Records]
2000 David J. “Mickey Rourke Blues” [TBD]
2000 Orgy “Opticon” [Reprise Records]
2000 Ali Damisi “Begin To Rise” [Jellybean Recordings]
1999 Clare Quilty “Secret Sharer” [DCide Records]
1999 Clare Quilty “Roses” [DCide Records]
1997 Divine Comedy “Marvelous Party” [EMI Records]
1996 Pet Shop Boys “Se a Vida E” [Parlophone / EMI Records]
1996 Tina Turner “Wildest Dreams” [Virgin Records]Morel:

Pink Noise Productions Produced by Richard Morel
2005 Clare Quilty “The Strange” CD [DCide Records]
Richard Morel Mixing / Engineering:
2001 Eddie Amador “Disco” [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2001 Deep Dish Yoshiesque 2 [React / Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2001 Deep Dish Global Underground Compilation [Global Underground / Boxed]
2001 Depeche Mode ‘Free Love” Deep Dish Mix [Mute / Reprise Records]
2001 Dido “Thank You” Deep Dish Mix [Arista]
1999 Madonna “Music” [Maverick / Warner Bros. Records]
2000 Deep Dish Renaissance Compilation [Renaissance / Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2000 Deliruim Deep Dish Mixes [Nettwerk / EMI]
2000 Eddie Amador “The Funk” [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
2000 Eddie Amador “Glad” [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
1999 Clare Quilty Strong CD [DCide Records]
1999 Billie Ray Martin “Honey” [React]
1999 Eddie Amador “Rise” [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
1999 Beth Orton “Central Reservation” Deep Dish Mix [Heavenly / Arista]
1998 DJ Rap “Good To Be Alive” [Higher Ground / Sony]
1998 Michael Jackson “Scary” Deep Dish Mix [Epic]
1997 Olive “Miracle” Deep Dish Mix [RCA]
1997 D Note “Waiting Hopefully” Deep Dish Mix [VC Recordings / Virgin]

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