‘Santa Stay Home” with U.S. Girls – out now !

Santa Stay Home‘ by U.S. Girls. Out now on 4AD! stream here: https://usgirls.ffm.to/santastayhome.oyd

Santa Stay Home was written by Meg Remy & Rich Morel Recorded & Mixed by Rich Morel Vocals recorded by Steve Chahley Mastered by Sarah Register

Public domain footage edited by Meg Remy
Animated by Sean Solomon @foreversean

Special thanks to the Prelinger Archive and Arthur H. Virtue Home Movie archive for access to the footage.

6 Comments to “‘Santa Stay Home” with U.S. Girls – out now !”

  1. Loving the new Xmas song, Rich Morel. Thanks for the new sounds, happy holidays to you ❤️💚

  2. That is exactly my view, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Richard!! Love your new song….

  4. Absolutely brilliant song my man

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